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The Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce (JAUSACC) thanks you for your generous contributions to our student scholarship fund. The Chamber launched the Gordon Gill Architectural Scholarship in 2019, that provides financial aid to architectural students at the University of Technology in Jamaica. 

Past Scholarship Winners


 2019 Gordon Gill Architectural Scholarship Winners 

"In 2019, I was selected as the awardee for the inaugural Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce’s “Gordon Gill Architectural Scholarship” for Students of Architecture at the University of Technology, Jamaica. This scholarship was a welcome blessing as it significantly reduced the financial burden on my parents, which made it easier for me to complete my bachelor’s degree at the Caribbean School of Architecture (CSA) at the University of Technology, Jamaica. This allowed me to find more time and energy to focus on the work at hand, as the majority of my tuition fee was accounted for.

I am pleased to say that I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies with first-class honours, among several other awards, namely, the CSA Honour Student Award, the Dean’s List Award, the Lascelles Dixon and Associates Award and the Best Academic Performance Award for Year 4 (2020/21). I am proud that I was able to maintain the high standard of work I set for myself, even during the disruptions in our learning process as a result of the pandemic. As I transition into work, I remain committed to maintaining the high standard I set for myself during my studies. My family and I are immensely grateful for the opportunity that was presented to us. Once again, thank you." - Rose Somie

2022 Gordon Gill Architectural Scholarship Winners



Rodrina Daley is a fourth-year student of the BA Architectural Studies in the Caribbean School of Architecture, Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of Technology, Jamaica.  Miss Daley is a student with an abundance of curiosity and diligence. She has a very positive attitude towards life and her academic work, and is an excellent team-player who cares about the wellbeing of her classmates.  Miss Daley faces her financial challenges with great determination and discipline as she maintains a GPA of 3.22.




JEREMY BONFIELD is a third-year student of the Caribbean School of Architecture, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of Technology, Jamaica.  Mr. Bonfield was born in Kingston, Jamaica on May 5th, 2001.   He is a determined individual with a positive attitude toward achieving his goals. He has always seen himself as an architect and artist whilst drawing hyper-realistic portraits and architectural illustrations.  Mr Bonfield maintains a G.P.A. of 3.32 whilst being a self-supporting student with great financial difficulties.  Mr Bonfield has demonstrated his creativity from the very onset, with his entrance portfolio and continues to excel in his design studio courses.  His commendable enthusiasm continues to serve his classmates and himself well.

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